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If you are new to Reformer pilates, your first class should be Foundation Reformer or Slow Burn - regardless of your fitness level. This is to make sure that you’re familiar with the machine and comfortable with the techniques you’ll be using, before moving onto the other classes. We reserve the right to turn you away if you book onto other classes without having attended Foundation or had previous Reformer experience.

Please also wear either pilates grip socks or have bare feet to avoid slipping.

Please note, if it says Book, but you are not able to book on, this is because the waitlist is being cleared which takes a few hours. The slot will then become available if no one takes it.

To join the Waitlist, you will need to download the Fix by Wix App.

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Please read thoroughly the below Terms & Conditions and Health & Safety waiver before confirming your booking. 

Prices displayed below are for single class bookings. See our Pricing Plans for additional discounts. 

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